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Influenza Vaccine

The flu vaccine is recommended for everyone over 6 months of age including pregnant and breastfeeding women. The best time to receive a flu vaccine is September-October. The typical flu season in San Diego is December through April. We use a quadrivalent preservative free flu vaccine called Fluzone. We do NOT purchase flumist nasal spray as flumist has not published efficacy data after being pulled from the market for poor efficacy 3 years ago.

Children under 5 years of age, especially those under 2 years of age are at the highest risk for hospitalization and serious illness due to influenza. Children under 9 years of age need a booster flu vaccine 4 weeks after their very first flu shot. If a child under 9 years of age has received 2 prior flu vaccines at any time, they only need one flu vaccine this year.

You may call or text to schedule an appointment during normal business hours. You may request to receive your flu shot in our tents behind the office, please let us know if you would like to do that when you schedule. Please understand after 3:30pm the tents are used to see sick children. You may also receive the flu vaccine in your car behind our office.

If you have an allergy to egg, you should still get the flu vaccine, but must be monitored for 15-20 minutes after receiving the vaccine.

There is no copay or cost for a flu vaccine for insured patients that are in-network. We are able to vaccinate parents and siblings with Tricare or PPO insurance plans. We are not able to vaccinate parents that that are active duty or that have HMO insurance. Cash pay flu shots are available for $30. If you do not have insurance, flu vaccines are free at the health department. For adults over 65 years of age, the CDC recommends receiving a high dose flu vaccine. We do NOT purchase this vaccine.

We will be offering walk up flu vaccines outdoors on Sunday September 27th and Sunday October 11th from 9am-12pm. We will be in the parking lot under a tent. There is no need for an appointment for these 2 days. Please wear a mask and maintain social distance. Please also consider wearing short sleeves if over 3 years of age as the vaccine will be given in the arm. Children under 3 years will be given the vaccine in their thigh. We will have paper forms to fill out while in the parking lot. You may also print the form from our website at home and bring it in if you prefer. We need one form per person.Flu Vaccine Form

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